What is Agile?

“Agile transformation is synonymous to Human Transformation”

Agile is the ability to create and respond to change. It is a way of dealing with, and ultimately succeeding in, an uncertain and turbulent environment.

“LEARNTOR AGILE Framework — An effective strategy to Adopt and Implement the Agile Way of Work” — Mercy George-Igbafe

The purpose of this framework is to make the explanation of AGILE easy for everyone to understand…

‘It’s time for Africa to start building digital capacity” by Chikodi Okereocha

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi on Unsplash

Mercy insisted that there are huge opportunities in digital technology for Nigerians to tap, but many people don’t even know the opportunities exist. She said, for instance, that within data analytics alone, several career paths exist such as Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Data Analyst Consultancy and so on. “You…

“A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope inside yourself.” — Oprah Winfrey

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Why is mentoring important?

How do you walk through an unfamiliar path? Would you prefer to walk it alone, in a group or do it with the help of a mentor? Who you are aware has expertise in…

Image credit: Google: WOCinTech Chat/Flickr

“Sub-Saharan Africa will witness more than 210 million jobs requiring digital skills and expertise, translating into an opportunity estimated at $130 billion to provide digital skills through a combination of business-to-consumer, business-to-business, and business-to-government training services.” — IFC

Digital literacy and capacity building have evolved over the years and with…


How do you define failure?

Do you feel elated or motivated when you hear people’s success story? We probably feel the same way when we record a win over any situation. In all honesty, our success story did not begin when we lifted the trophy, aced an examination, secured a dream job, travelled to a…

Prepare, prepare, and prepare (You can never be over-prepared): Know your audience,
Focus on your objective
Itemise the key/critical points with supporting “Data”.
Your audience will be thinking “What is In It for me” ensure you address their concerns.
Have sufficient and well-researched information to respond to questions asked.

Mercy George-Igbafe — C.E.O, LEARNTOR

LEARNTOR is #1 comprehensive Agile Digital Transformational training and consultancy company focused on capacity development to bridge the digital gap for women

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